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Elba Island

Outdoor Island of Elba

Welcome to the world of Outdoor where you can breathe deeply the intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean scrub and the brackish iodine.

The Calamita promontory, entirely included in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, seems tailor-made for nature and sports lovers: trails for walkers, mountain bikers or horse-riders, and climbing routes, offer stunning views amidst the intoxicating fragrances and colours of the maquis, with on the horizon the thousand shades of red of the sunsets over Golfo Stella and Corsica, and on to ...

Outdoor Island of Elba

There is a famous 9 hole golf course just 10 km away.

The island’s hidden, uncontaminated gem is its underwater world, with its rich multicoloured fauna and flora.

Outdoor Island of Elbaa

Snorkelling is always thrilling for children and adults alike. For divers, daily dives are led by the instructors of the famed Corsaro Diving Centre starting from the Pareti beach.

But the coast can also be explored paddling a swift kayak or sailing in the wind on a windsurf or kitesurf.